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Do you think your desired car is waiting for you somewhere in the USA? We are actively monitoring the market and always keeping our eyes opened for opportunities.

23classics can help you out when you have already found your dream car on the market! Most sellers advertise on  Craigslist, Autotrader Classics or eBay. When you find an interesting car offer online, just reach us out at info@23classics.com. We can immediately start our research.

Finden Sie ein Auto im Internet und 23classics hilft Ihnen, es zu untersuchen. Craigslist, eBay, wir unterstützen die meisten Websites.

First of all, we analyze the offer and the description if the vehicle match your criteria. We also use our experience to check the offer against any safety issues.

Next, we contact the seller to get as many details as possible about the vehicle. The more information we collect, the easier would it be for you to decide on making an appointment for the inspection. Good opportunities often slip by quickly! If the offer looks promising, you shouldn’t hesitate too long and give it a try. The next step is the inspection of the vehicle.

We don’t charge our customers for additional details and pictures, gathered from initial contact by phone or e-mail. More information would lead to better decisions and hopefully, fulfilled dreams!

An extraordinary, detailed vehicle tour.

Wir helfen Ihnen, schöne und interessante American Cars zu finden. Du musst nicht in den USA sein!

There are two steps in the vehicle tour.

The vehicle is inspected on site and put under detailed examination.

During the test drive, vehicle is closely checked up. Examination includes electrical system, lamps and lights, engine, shifting of all gears and transmission, among others.

Car body is checked for damage, gaps, rust or filler. Inspection is also performed under the car, in order to detect rust or any damage from the accidents.

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehensively inspect less accessible areas of the vehicle. For example, there is usually no lift or platform on site at the seller’s place. If there is a strong need for exhaustive inspection, we suggest asking seller for permission to take the vehicle to the nearest workshop.

To examine car body and metal parts, we use paint thickness measuring device. We try to detect whether any damage or accident have occurred in the past. We would like to verify that the vehicle is still originally painted. In some cases, we validate how many layers of paint have been applied over the past. If there have been issues, test shows paint density or how much additional filler is hidden under the paint.

Some systems or parts are examined during the test drive. It usually turns out quickly whether the steering is knocked out, the tread/track is out of alignment or the brakes are worn out, among other matters.

Wir helfen beim Versand eines Autos aus den USA nach Deutschland

We check the state of the engine’s general health or if it’s easy to turn on. Transmission is also examined whether it shifts easily through the gears and the kick-down is functioning properly.

We examine the chassis number (VIN) and compare it with the one in the vehicle registration document (Title). Double checks give us certainty, as sometimes an “8” becomes a “B” or “L” becomes “1”. We want to be on the safe side, because if such problem occurs, the U.S. Customs won’t allow the export of the car.

The photo documentation.

We take up to 350 pictures of the vehicle to undoubtedly capture all aspects of the vehicle. 2-3 videos are also made, including shooting the vehicle starting, the engine running, sound of the exhaust, the electrical system and the interior and exterior of the car.

After the visit, all photos and videos are uploaded to a DropBox account. Then, a link providing easy access is sent to your email address.

You can look at the pictures and videos on the smartphone or computer. An undisturbed analysis of provided pictures and videos would support your decision on a possible purchase.

It is even more convenient if you use any popular communication app. With WhatsApp or Skype, you can remotely participate via online call in the vehicle inspection. You can even communicate with the seller, as if you have been present on site.

Many customers appreciate this option, as they can benefit from being actively involved during the visit. They are able to request photos, videos or ask the seller questions about the vehicle and its history. It has been proven many times that detailed, remote examination led to quick purchase decision.

Wir können ein Auto Ihrer Wahl untersuchen und Ihnen Ergebnisse per Messenger oder WhatsApp zusenden.

When car inspection is successful and everything is fine, it is time to start price negotiations. In order to get the best price for you, we adapted a fair, 50/50 deal. It has proven itself to benefit every part of the process. Every dollar  traded down from the initially requested price is split between us.

A sample calculation:

  1. The seller demands $15,000 for the car.
  2. We manage to get the car for $13,000.
  3. A total of $ 2,000 was traded down, which will eventually be split up among us.
  4. The fair bottom line is $1,000 for everyone, the customer and 23classics each.
  5. With this agreement, we go into the price negotiations in a highly motivated manner, which ultimately benefits both sides.

23classics is committed to help customers on a mission to buy a dream car. However, the final decision when making a purchase always belongs to the customer. We are providing results of the examination and our honest opinion, but can’t give definitive recommendations.

We are charging $0.75 per kilometer for the return trip and $50 per hour (travel and inspection time) for vehicle inspection, including photo documentation.

If the location of the inspected vehicle is too far away to reach by car, the rate mentioned above no longer applies. Individual rate for vehicle inspection needs to be agreed in advance in such situation. Additional costs depending on a distance need to be considered: air ticket, hotel accommodation, rental car with fuel costs.

A hassle free vehicle handling to the front door.

We can arrange safe transport of your newly purchased vehicle. It is possible to deliver the car as close as to your doorstep!

23 Classics IMG_10

We offer our support during processing the transaction. 23Classics usually helps with handling the payment process and completing the contract with the seller. We assist with payment confirmations and make sure transaction is documented with the proper Bill of Sale. 

When the ownership of the vehicle has been transferred, we can start the shipping. Firstly, we can personally hand the Title over to the shipping agency. At that moment, collection of the vehicle by the freight company can be arranged. Please notice that domestic transport is not included in the handling fee.

The handling (settlement) fee, including steps described above, is $650.00.

Vehicle Shipping: The Safe Transfer Home.

23Classics has been successfully cooperating with the shipping company Martin Transports International, also known as MTI, for many years.


Wir können Ihnen mit dem Autoversand nach Deutschland helfen. Good prices and quality shipping.

MTI, headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, CA, has been prioritizing customer satisfaction since 1994. It is technically possible to fit 4 cars into a shipping container, but MTI is loading only 3 to avoid possible damages to the vehicle. Thanks to this way of operating, cars are safely transported without scratches in the paintwork or dents in the metal.

MTI welcomes European customers with dedicated, German-speaking agents.

Link to MTI site:

There are two options to consider when shipping the vehicle from the USA to Europe. You can decide whether the car is going to Rotterdam or to Bremerhaven.

In order to benefit from low old-timer import tax, the vehicle should be at least 30 years old.  In such case, you pay 9% tax in Rotterdam and 7% tax in Bremerhaven. Tax is calculated from the purchase price plus the shipping costs.

For vehicles that are less than 30 years old, 10% customs and 21% taxes are due via Rotterdam and 10% customs and 19% taxes via Bremerhaven.

Wir können Ihnen mit dem Autoversand aus den USA nach Deutschland helfen.

Depending on the length and size of the vehicle, it needs to be assigned container space measured as S, M, L or XL.

Shipping costs per vehicle:

  • S-size- $1095.00
  • M-size – $1195.00
  • L-size – $1395.00
  • XL-size – $1495.00

Half a container space can be booked for $1895.00.

As a general rule, shipping costs from the port of New York are a little more affordable, comparing to the West Coast.

Taking out optional insurance is recommended. At MTI there are two insurance options to choose from:

Option 1:

Insurance against “total loss” (for example sinking or salvage) is calculated at 1% of the purchase price.

Option 2:

Includes Option 1, plus additional vehicle damage insurance, with a $500.00 deductible. This variant is calculated at 1.5% of the purchase price.

How long does it take to ship a car from the USA to Europe?

From Los Angeles it takes about 4-5 weeks, from New York it takes about 2-3 weeks.

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