23Classics offers car search and inspection in compliance with German standards. Your dream car hunt starts in sunny Long Beach, California, where we are located.

Whether it is a GM fin monster like the 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville, a Mopar muscle car of the caliber of 1968 Dodge Charger or an increasingly popular Mercedes Benz 560SL from the R107 series, everybody wants great opportunities. If you want to  buy a car from the USA, 23Classics helps you find fantastic deals and avoid pitfalls or common mistakes.

Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob es ein GM-Flossenmonster wie der 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville, ein Mopar-Muscle-Car des Kalibers 1968 Dodge Charger oder ein immer stärker gefragter Mercedes Benz 560SL aus der R107-Baureihe sein soll.

Maybe it was too risky to buy rare car blindly on eBay and you feel such chance won’t come again. Are you tired of Craigslist sellers sending blurred photos of the vehicle? Is taking a huge risk of the purchase without full information necessary? Everyone is familiar with the expression “TLC = Tender Loving Care”. Sellers in the United States often use it to assure potential buyers of the car’s good condition. According to the US standard, “TLC” would signal that the vehicle needs “a little” love. The German car lover would probably call it a full restoration. 23classics is here to help car enthusiasts.

23Classics ist zu empfehlen um dem ganzen Schlechten zu entkommen und nachts endlich ruhig schlafen zu koennen, waehrend der Schatz sicher im Container uebers Meer nach Europa schippert. 

For some American people, rust is only an issue if you can stick your fist through the sheet metal (real words from a car salesmen here in Los Angeles). There are other well-known fairy tales from the sellers. The paint is most of the time described as original, the car body has no filler and the car is always accident-free. Unfortunately, if you stand in front of the vehicle, the reality is usually different.

23Classics is here to help you select and look over your dream auto from the USA. Research by experienced specialist will let you sleep peacefully at night, while your car is safely sailing across the ocean to Europe. Unpleasant surprises and worries about vehicle condition and overseas transaction have finally ended.

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